he jasmine hill foundation will enhance programs designed to educate others regarding the many contributions of ancient greeks to our own way of life. purposes of the foundation include promotion of the arts through its display and maintenance of original works of art or replicas of greek and roman statues; presentation of exhibits and programs concerning horticulture, as well as the art, history and culture of greece; and the preservation of the gardens for public access and enjoyment as a haven where the works of man and nature are in harmony.

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learning is fun
student question bank
student answer sheet

student horticulture
horticulture teachers guide
fruits and vegetables
planting seeds

what is this?
student question bank
student answer sheet

be an artist
student drawing sheet

for jr. high & high school
crossword puzzle

for young children
scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt student page
scavenger hunt handout
scavenger hunt answer key
lions, ducks & turtles sculpture tour
student page

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