asmine hill stands as "a little corner of greece" atop the southernmost outcroppings of the appalachians. it was conceived in 1928 by benjamin and mary fitzpatrick and has grown into a virtual outdoor museum featuring reproductions of famous greek and roman works of art. the story of an alabama couple who spent their early married life busily establishing a chain of stores in the south and then retiring to their hilltop haven to creat a living memorial to ancient greece. getting a jump on the depression, the fitzpatricks sold their store holdings in 1927, just before the crash. after the depression came, they were reluctant to venture into business again, so they came to jasmine hill to stay and make their home in the 1830-era cottage within the gardens. a garden of this magnitude did not develop overnight. in fact, the fitzpatricks made over twenty trips to greece to purchase their art objects, to study at the american classical school in athens, and to simply enjoy greek culture.

the fitzpatricks.

ince 1971 jasmine hill gardens and outdoor museum has been supported by jim and elmore inscoe who have continued the traditions established by the founders. in their effort to preserve jasmine hill for future generations, the inscoe family formed the jasmine hill foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and are contributing this unique creation to its control.

jim and elmore inscoe.

he jasmine hill foundation will enhance programs designed to educate others regarding the many contributuions of ancient greeks to our own way of life. purposes of the foundation include promotion of the arts through its display and maintenance of original works of art or replicas of greek and roman statues; presentation of exhibits and programs concerning horticulture, as well as the art, history and culture of greece; and the preservation of the gardens for public access and enjoyment as a haven where the works of man and of nature are in harmony.


the first major expansion was launched in 1995 with the acquisition of new statuary through purchase and gifts from public spirited individuals. the olympian centre was built with its front facade designed as a recreation the temple of hera as it looked int the 7th century b.c. in 1996 the olympic flame originated at olympia, greece's ancient temple of hera ruins and came to the world's only full scale reproduction at jasmine hill's temple of hera ruins. the olympic flame burned there in the cauldron on its way to the 1996 centennial olympic games in atlanta.

this effort to enlarge and preserve jasmine hil as an interpretive center of ancient greek culture for the enjoyment of future generations will require financial support in addition to regular gardens admission fees as well as involvement by many volunteers in various areas of service. you are encouraged to come, enjoy and become a part of jasmine hill!

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